advertising scrolling poster display standing light box

  • Outdoor Aluminum Scrolling Poster Standing Light Box

    Features: 1. Display 6-8 posters, graphics and images, which can draw more attention 2. Anti-rust, Anti-corrosion, Shock resistance, heat radiation 3. One-year guarantee, arrange on-site installation guide engineer according to customers needs 4. Water-proof & dust-proof, weather-proof, heat radiation, wind resistance of 10 class/level 5. LED lighting, electric power-saving 6. Neat finish, light weight, corrosion resistant, easy to process and eco-friendly 7. Synchronized operation, don’t need master machine 8. Short circuit protection, noise level down to 50dB 9. The time of turning off and turning on can be adjusted 10. Have 3 different scrolling speed from 60-220 round/min 11. Could work in the temperature between "-30 ℃ to +65 ℃ " 12. Automatic Poster Setting function

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